Amberwing Organics Gummies REVIEW

22/06/2021 | Tom Tyler | 0
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Company Overview

Amberwing Organics from NJ Farms is committed to providing reliable and safe healing products. The company's name is Nancy Jean Schiller (NJ Farms), a survivor of breast cancer. She passed away in July 2018 after a courageous battle. Our hemp crop was also struggling to grow in the field next to her childhood home. Our crop produced beautiful, high-quality CBD oil that year, thanks to the goodness of God and Mother Nature. Nancy may have even helped us. NJ Farms grew from there.

The NJ Farms CBD oil is organically grown and extracted using a Cold CO2(tm), a process that does not expose people seeking healing to harmful chemical residues.

Amberwing Organics Full Spectrum CBD gummies contain 2om of CBD-derived hemp

CBD gummies Amberwing are very popular right now. Gummies are easy to use, tasty, and convenient.

Amberwing Organics is committed to creating the best natural products. Amberwing CBD Gummies contain 20mg of CBD and other vegan ingredients, such as organic tapioca syrup or organic cane sugar. These delicious treats are vegan and gluten-free. You can choose from two delicious flavors: Green Apple or Fruit Medley. These Amberwing Organics CBD contain the best hemp ingredients.

Amberwing Organics takes great care in producing vegan CBD gummies of the highest quality. Amberwing Organics Vegan CBD Gummies come in two delicious flavors, as an added bonus. Are you searching for the best CBD gummies made from vegan ingredients? You can choose between two flavors of CBD gummies, green apple or fruit-medley. Each gummy contains 600mg full-spectrum CBD. Visit Amberwing Organics today.

Amberwing Fruit Vegan Gummies Ingredients:

Hemp extract, cannabinoids, organic cane sugar, organic agave syrup, purified water, pectin, tri sodium citrate, citric acid, tomato lycopene (for color), natural flavor

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