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Company Overview

Hello, everybody! Today we gonna speak about Diamond CBD. It is an online store where you can find a huge variety of CBD stuff. Yes, I was really amazed when I first visited this website.

Here you can find everything starting from oils, edibles, creams, vapes, pet treats to drinks, terpenes, and even CBD infused honey pots with various flavors. You can purchase products from the following brands here: Diamond CBD, Meds Biotech, Medipets, Relax, etc.

Customers can sort products by the cannabidiol type - active CBD, an isolate, or a Full spectrum one. It is said that a company offers free two-day shipping, and a two-week return policy on orders more than $100.

There is no need to worry that stuff bought on the website will get you high. All the products that can be bought from the store contain no or less than 0.3 % of THC. All the stuff is made in the US, and that is a guarantee of the superb quality.

Dimond CBD main page

I really liked that the website offers generous discounts and let their customers save up to 60% on various CBD stuff.

Products and Prices

Let's speak about the most popular products. Probably, number one are DiamondCBD Chill Gummies. They come in various flavors and forms. Just look at the huge selection of these awesome treats.

Dimond CBD products

These gummies contain no THC and are fun to eat. Are you a fan of watermelons? Then select Diamond CBD gummies watermelon. You like the sour taste? Then give preference to sour bears, snakes, worms, or faces. Want to try various flavors in one pack? Then buy CBD infused mini fruits.

Every tasty gummy contains a perfect dose of CBD. They can be used as snacks and help you chill every time you feel tense. A 200mg pack costs $14.29.

Failed to find at least one negative Diamond CBD chill gummies review that's why I decided to give it a try. I have a sweet tooth, that's why I gave preference to these tasty edibles.

Diamond CBD gummies 250x

Dimond CBD Yum Yum gummies

Another popular product is Yum Yum gummies. You can buy it in different variations. The smallest 250 mg jar costs $19.49, the 1000 mg - $38.99, the biggest one Yum Yum gummies 1500 mg is $51.99.

I've read numerous reviews about this CBD product on the website. People share their experience of using these yummy treats and say that they helped them to improve mood, to relax, and calm down.

Clients also say about an excellent taste of gummies. These edibles come in the shape of bears and have mixed flavors.

Sugar-free Relax Gummies

One more "must-have" product is Relax Gummies. By the way, I've heard a lot of positive feedback about this stuff, so I plan to give it a try someday. I'll then write my detailed Diamond CBD relax gummies review, and, now, I'll tell you a bit about this product.

A packet costs just $9.74. I think it is a great pick for those who want to try some cannabidiol stuff and are thinking about the most convenient way of consumption.

The serving size is two bears. Each gummy contains around 7.75 mg of cannabidiol. Gummies come in different shapes and tastes: bears, crocs, cola bottles, etc.

Dimond CBD Relax gummies

As for the price policy. The online store sells a huge variety of stuff with cannabidiol, so that everyone will find treats to every taste and budget. There are products that are under $10. Customers can try them first to see if they work and then purchase bigger packages.

You know, an online store offers a great chance to get a generous discount on their products. Being on the homepage, you will be offered to spin to win. To start spinning the wheel, I had to provide an email first.

I tried my luck and got 50% Off on the first order. I got the coupon with the promo code. So, guys, I paid half of the price when I ordered some stuff from the website.

Popular Flavors

The selection of flavors will impress even the most experienced CBD fan. I'll tell you about the most popular ones in my Chill gummies review. They are watermelon, sour, and assorted with the tastes of different fruits. Gummies come in various shapes: bears, snakes, faces, rainbow bites, mini fruits, and worms.

You can also purchase Chill Gummies CBD choco nuts or choco peanut butter. So, if you are a fan of chocolate, you'll find your favorite product too.


I'll agree with the majority of Chill gummies reviews. These tasty edibles are effective in treating insomnia, anxiety, pain, and helps to relax after the hard-working day. I am going to test some stuff for dogs too, and I'll give you my feedback soon.


  • various products in a large range of flavors
  • affordable pricing
  • non-GMO plants
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My Experience and Favorite Product

Ok, guys, I'm ready to leave my Diamond CBD gummies review. I've decided to buy the gummies bundle. There was an awesome offer, I paid around $72 for six-packs. Note that you can select the flavors.

I chose a six-pack Favorite Bundle with two sour snakes, two watermelon slices and two bears packs. I thought that it would be a great chance to test various flavors and to pick the best one. More than that, I saved around 45% and got my package in a day after the order placement.

Number one in my Chill CBD gummies review belongs to treats with the watermelon flavor. They were great! Slices were not only tasty but fresh. They helped me sleep much better. I am going to continue taking them cause they are simply great!

Online Reputation

I've found a lot of positive reviews about the company online, but when I checked Diamond CBD gummies Reddit reviews, I was surprised. Someone wrote that a company was accused of adding some synthetic cannabinoids to some of their products.

Frankly speaking, I found no evidence, so I sum up that this info isn't worth trusting. I decided not to pay attention to the negative Diamond CBD gummies review Reddit. I've tested them, and I know for sure that they are effective and safe to use.

Lab Reports

Diamond CBD provides high-quality products and guarantees the safety of the stuff sold in the online store. I've bought a six-pack of gummies and found the certificate of analyses on the website.

There is a special section called CBD Lab reports. There you can see the list of products and have a look at their certificates of analyses.

Final Word

I think it's high time to sum up my Chill CBD gummies review and to tell the final word. I've tested their Chill gummies, and an effect was impressive. I'll try some of their products in the future.

The price was affordable, more than that, I got a generous discount on the first order. So, if you have never bought products with cannabidiol because of their price, visit this website. Here you will find various products in a large range of flavors. I advise trying them!

Diamond CBD

Grown: Colorado and Kentucky farms
Lab tests: Green Scientific Labs
Shipping: 3-7 business days
Refund policy: lasts 30 days on most unopened products
Contact: tel:+13056151194
[email protected]
Adress: 1280 Hand Ave., Ormond Beach, FL 32174, USA
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Is diamondcbd safe?

Yes, this is a reputable and safe brand producing CBD stuff. If you adhere to the dosage, there is no need to worry about your safety.

Is diamond cbd gummies safe?

These edibles are absolutely safe to consume. They come in various forms and flavors, are fun to eat and contain no THC.

Is diamondcbd organic?

All products contain CBD got from the organically grown and non-GMO plants. The company works with farms located in Colorado, Kentucky and Scandinavia.

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