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Company Overview

Live Green Hemp is a trusted and reputable CBD distributor that has become ultimately appreciated for the unlimited assortment of the goods, as well as maximum dependability of the services. Based in Southern Florida, the company is committed to advancing the CBD’s standard for its users. All the processes, from harvesting to testing, are fulfilled in the certified US labs.

As specified in numerous reviews, the company is highly appreciated for the extensive collection of CBD edibles, oils, and creams that can be used daily to advance the overall well-being and eliminate specific issues.

The maximum quality at a reasonable cost is the basic value of the CBD distributor. Continuous development and improvement of the services helped the company become an industry leader in CBD extraction and production.

After reading about countless benefits CBD gummies Live Green Hemp reviews specify, I could not resist the temptation of purchasing some of its products. How did my experience turn out? Check out the detailed information about the pros and cons of my experience.

Products and Prices

The rich assortment is, undeniably, the most important point that contributes to a positive first impression. Easy-to-navigate website, ultimate variety of multi-purpose CBD goods, fast delivery, and convenient payment methods makes the company stand out from the crowd of similar distributors.

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Once you open the website, you will be impressed to see over 150 different products offered for the customers. CBD edibles, oils, capsules, tinctures, creams, nutrition, and other items may be used to advance the quality of the customer’s life.

  • CBD gummies. Live Green Hemp is a CBD distributor that is well-known and appreciated mainly for the gummies it sells. The items come in a variety of tastes, textures, strengths, and sizes to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Live Green 500 CBD gummies have the lowest hemp concentration but are ultimately valued by both new and experienced CBD users. Offered at $24.99, they offer the best quality for the price. If the dose seems insufficient, you may consider buying 750mg, 1150mg, 1500mg, or even 2000mg/3000mg doses.
  • CBD topicals. Body massage oil, hand and body lotion, foot therapy cream, lip balm, hand sanitizer, and similar CBD-including items will advance your overall well-being and add to your comfort. Currently, you will have to spend from $1.99 to $52.99, depending on the product you need.
  • CBD coffee. It may sound crazy, but apart from Live Green gummy bears, the company is known for the ground CBD coffee it offers. A single 300mg pack of top-quality coffee beans that were carefully selected, roasted, ground, and packed will cost you $36.99. Containing hemp extract, the product can help you stay lively and filled with energy longer. Additionally, it is claimed to fight the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Apart from the above-mentioned items, a customer can take advantage of other CBD products offered by Live Green. Browse the website and check out other options you may be interested in.

Popular Flavors

Apart from the multitude of advantageous products, Live Green Hemp is known for the variety of tastes and flavors customers can choose from. To be honest, buying CBD products here was one of the best shopping experiences I have ever had. Apart from the standard type and strength choice, I had an opportunity to opt for the flavor. Just have a look at the variety of flavors and aromas Live Green Hemp offers.

  • Shisha can be of mint, mango, apple, grape, and a variety of other tastes.
  • Live Green Hemp CBD gummies are offered with peach, raspberry, apple, or fruit mix flavor.
  • Tinctures may smell like orange blossom and peppermint.

Additionally, it is crucial to mention that the distributor offers ginger, turmeric, and apple cider nutrition gummies, as well as some other products that will help customers relax and enjoy painless life free of stress and anxiety.

At the same time, users, who are fond of natural, neutral flavors, will also find suitable items.


According to numerous CBD gummies by Live Green Hemp reviews, the distributor provides high-quality, 100% safe, THC-free and effective products. It is indispensable to emphasize complete transparency and accessibility of product-related information. Key facts, qualities, and specifications of the products, as well as the results of the independent laboratory testing, are available online.

It is unbelievable, but I spent around two hours browsing the website, spreading thin between different options. After reading reviews and comments, it was even more challenging to make the final choice. Therefore, if you strive to opt for CBD gummies, oils, tinctures, or other goods offered by Live Green Hemp, you can boldly get any of them. Maximum relaxation, desired pain relief, and anxiety elimination are guaranteed.

My Experience and Favorite Product

I have been using CBD gummies of different brands for over a year. A convenient form, combined with ultimate efficiency, is the key advantage that makes me use them regularly. Sometimes, suffering from sleeping disorders, I have no other option than to take a CBD bear to calm down, relax and relish an opportunity to restore strengths. Additionally, cannabidiol gummies help me deal with the devastating symptoms of anxiety, stress, and fear that may bother me before some important events.

To be honest, I have ordered CBD goods from over ten different online platforms, looking for the best one. Although I have always had a favorite company, now, if I need to decide between Live Green gummies vs. Hemp Bomb, I would not doubt choosing the first one.

A pack of elite full-spectrum CBD gummy bears (600mg, 30pcs) costs me $49.99, and a bottle of the MCT oil (30mL, 1000mg) is $99.99. Critics may say that it is too expensive, but I am convinced that the quality is worth its cost.

Online Reputation

Live Green CBD gummies are quite popular online, as it took me seconds to find hundreds of relevant and up-to-date reviews about the quality, effectiveness, strength, and taste of the product. Generally, irrespective of a few negative comments, positive Live Green Hemp gummy reviews prevail. Safety and efficiency are the most prominent and frequently-mentioned features that make Live Green Hemp CBD gummies stand out from the crowd. Additionally, low THC concentration and the natural composition of the products contribute to their appreciation.

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Lab Reports

Live Green Help is a customer-oriented service that cares for all customers, their safety, and convenience. Check out the lab report, which proves CBD gummies, tinctures, and other items contain no THC, GMOs, and other ingredients that may be dangerous for the body.


Final Word

It is never easy to place the first order of CBD goods at a platform you have never cooperated with. However, our fears may prevent us from possible success, so it is indispensable to be courageous and decisive to make the right choices.

Finally, after some time researching information, reading reviews, and talking to the representatives of the customer support service, I made my mind and placed the first order. Since then, CBD gummies by Live Green Hemp are my top choice. The desired relaxation without side effects wins.


How much melatonin in Live Green Hemp gummies?

Excellent composition, high concentration of CBD, and other ingredients make CBD gummies by Live Green Hemp ultimately powerful and effective. Additionally, it is inevitable to mention melatonin levels that get increased as a result of CBD gummies use. Unfortunately, there is no information about how much melatonin is included, but the dose is surely enough to provide users with flawless relaxation.

Gummy bears 500mg how many per gummy?

According to the nutrition facts mentioned on the bottle, a single 500mg container contains around 40 CBD gummies, each containing 12.5mg hemp extract.

Is Live Green CBD gummies legit?

A powerful influence on the body, including pain relief, relaxation, and stress reduction, are the basic features that make CBD gummies widely appreciated on the contemporary market.

After reading a random Live Green CBD gummies review, I placed the first order and accidentally found a reliable and trustworthy CBD distributor. Excellent assortment, fast delivery, a 24/7 support team, and other peculiarities make the service even more appreciated.

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