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Company Overview

PureKana is located in Arizona, the USA. It offers various hemp CBD products such as topical salves, edibles, enhancers, vape devices. This company also deals in goods for pets. Moreover, it is regarded as one of the best on the market.

Their site looks convenient, user-friendly, and modern. Everything is clearly located and easy for understanding. Bright and at the same time calm colors make a good impression.

PureKana CBD gummies information

PureKana CBD gummies reviews have revealed a lot of positive sides of this company, that is why I have decided to try PureKana CBD gummies and some other products. So, let’s have a closer look at all the features this company offers.

The range of goods is very broad. However, let’s stop at some of them. Nevertheless, it is not just a PureKana gummies review as I’ll try to describe my experience a bit wider.

Products And Prices

This company offers a lot of incredible products, so let’s take a look at some of them.

1. CBD Picks

I’m quite sure this form is quite unusual and it seems to be quite new on a market. You can easily suck or chew these toothpicks. It’s quite funny to do.

Moreover, every pick contains 25 mg of CBD, and it lasts up to 50 minutes. There are a lot of different tastes, so everyone can choose something they really like. You may even feel a tingling sensation. Ten picks cost $20.

PureKana CBD picks

2. PureKana gummies for pain

Well, it’s important to talk about this type of edibles. So, here is my brief PureKana CBD vegan gummies review. Every bottle contains 20 gummies, 25 mg of CDB per gummy.

The main idea is to bring relaxation after a long day as well as to reduce pain people may have. These tasty little jelly bears are slightly sweet and sour at the same time and are very convenient to use. What is more, we can name them PureKana gummies for anxiety as well because they may affect this condition positively. The price of one container is $40.

3. CBD for dogs

Right! Our pets can gain more with the products this company offers for them. PureKane recommends giving cannabinoid to pets who are left at home by their owners for the whole day. It should help our dogs to overlive loneliness and stress while waiting for people to come home from work.

It is produced in a form of treats or snakes, 20 treats per bag. The main compound is a hemp extract. Every treat contains about 2.5 mg of hemp. It’s quite unusual. The price is $34.99. Snacks are designed for large, medium and small dogs.

Popular Flavors

The range of flavors is quite wide. Everyone will definitely find something suitable. Citrus, mixed berries, peppermint, lemon and lime, ‘cinamint’, and many others. Just have a go! PureKana gummies reviews show that people like their sweet and sour taste of mixed berries. Moreover, there are numerous yummy tastes for dogs like steak and sweet potato or peanut butter and pumpkin.


Do CBD gummies work for pain? They do, actually. The problem is that the recommended dose doesn’t sometimes coincide with the real needs, especially if the pain is strong and continuous.

Nevertheless, correct concentration can always help the correct amount of CDB that should be consumed. As for other edibles, capsules, topicals, you can always calculate the amount you are going to use.

PureKana CBD gift card information

My Experience and Favorite Product

I have bought gummies, picks, and spray. It is important to admit that free shipping is offered, and this fact is a great advantage of this company. The ordering process is quite intuitive and everything is clear without any explanations. Delivery is fast. The overall effectiveness and quality of goods have met my requirements. I liked both the effects I received and the tastes I experienced.

All products were good in their own way. I really liked gummies for all those advantages they normally give. As for the PureKana CBD gummies reddit agrees with me.

However, I have decided to choose toothpicks this time because they were unusual, and it was quite fascinating and amusing. Moreover, I have experienced a slight tingling sensation.

Online Reputation

It is necessary to admit that the online reputation of this company is high. People are not afraid of sharing their thoughts and fears about this company and its products.

For example, in PureKana CBD gummies review reddit shows different thoughts and experiences that are mostly good. Of course, there are a lot of people who doubt its efficacy and it’s quite normal. No one wants to waste time and money.

Some users say that it sometimes takes too long to deliver. For instance, delivery to the UK takes approximately 6 weeks in accordance with some feedback. However, the overall situation is quite promising.

Lab Reports

All goods are supplemented with lab reports and even pesticide reports. Residual solvents, microbials, pesticides, mycotoxins, and other dangerous compounds are within normal limits or haven’t been detected at all.

All certificates are represented on a company’s site. These products have been tested by Ace Analytical Labs and Deserty Valley Testing using valid testing methodologies and a quality system as required by state law. It appears that everything is under control.

Final Word

As for me, this company offers good products and it’s worth trying. The variety of options won’t leave indifferent. Some products are extremely new on the market like picks or dog treats. This fact expresses the company’s desire to go on and find new ways to deal in simple and useful things. Furthermore, the company’s reputation is high enough to regard it as trustworthy.

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