Kushy Punch Gummies REVIEW

24/06/2021 | Tom Tyler | 0
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Company Overview

Kushy Punch, a California-based non-profit collective, pays tribute to the entourage effect by creating their Recover Gummies. These gummies contain a 2:1 ratio of CBD and THC. Each square-inch gummy is pre-formed into quarters and comes with useful packaging that clearly shows how to portion your dose.

The combination of CBD and THC gives you mood enhancement and relief from social anxiety. In this kushy punch gummies thc review does not mean that you lose focus or clarity. Every Kushy Punch line comes in a different flavor. Recover is flavored blue raspberry and black. It comes in a brownish-red colour with tart berry flavors. The candy is also very consistent. It was difficult to eat a small amount and then throw the rest away.

Kushy Punch Gummies THC is for those who prefer to concentrate on CBD or THC. Kushy Punch's CBD Gummies come in flavors like peach and T.K.O., which is high-dosage THC. Available in lime.

Our wild, ripe strawberry flavour is perfectly blended with our full-spectrum, earthy oil. This gives you a rich high and a great taste of the natural world. Our Sativa gummy is bursting with fresh-picked flavor, and bursting with euphoric energies.

For those who want to fly through the skies, a sharpened buzz in the head is ideal.

  • 100mg THC (10x10mg THC doses).
  • Full-spectrum oil with cannabinoids and flavonoids plus lipids
  • All natural colors and flavor
  • Zero calories, zero sugar, zero nuts. Summer air is filled with plump, juicy watermelons. Our Indica gummy, rich in cannabinoid-rich full spectrum oil, will hug you into an all-encompassing body high. You can enjoy the tropical paradise of paradise from the comfort of your couch.

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