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Company overview

Hello, everybody! Today, I’m gonna leave my Hemplucid CBD gummies review. I’ve heard a lot about this company and decided to try some of their stuff.

You know, there are so many online shops selling cannabidiol products that you may be lost a bit. Not all companies sell high-quality and safe products, so I did deep research to select this one. I found out that they grow hemp on the organic farms located in Colorado, USA.

It is written on the website that thanks to selective breeding, they succeeded in developing a hemp strain with the high cannabidiol concentration and terpenes. Hemplucid is a company that publishes up-to-date CoAs for every item they sell. There are lot numbers on every product, and clients can easily check the quality of stuff sold on the website.

By the way, I found their website quite user-friendly and easy to navigate. I’ve read some info about the company, looked through some articles in their blog, and knew about the variety of products, I could purchase from the service.

Hemplucid main page

Products and Prices

If you are a fan of cannabidiol stuff, you will be able to buy both whole-plant, THC - free products and some dietary essentials for pets. Let’s have a look at the most popular ones:

Hemplucid gummies

Hemplucid's full-spectrum CBD edible gummies

One of the most popular products on the website is Hemplucid gummy bears. Although they are slow-acting, they guarantee a long-lasting effect. A jar with 30 bears costs $109.95.

If you want just to try these Hemplucid edible gummies, choose a pack with just 5 bears. It costs $19.95. You know, I recommend you to purchase the small pack to try a new product and only then to buy a big jar. It is necessary to check if you like their effect.

The serving size is one bear. Each gummy contains 25 mg of cannabidiol. It is written on the bottle that it is not recommended to take more than three bears a day.

As for the taste, I failed to find info what is their flavor, but I’ve read some reviews about this product. Some customers write that they didn’t really like the taste of these gummies, so I’ve decided to check it to tell you all the truth.

Water Soluble Whole-Plant Hemp Extract

Hemplucid's full-spectrum CBD water soluble

Number two in the list of the most popular products is a whole-plant water-soluble extract. 30 ml of 250 mg hemp extract cost $39.95. 500mg - $69.95; 100mg - $124.95 and 1500mg - $169.95.

There are several ways to take this CBD product. It can be vaporized, mixed with various liquids, and can be taken under the tongue. The product absorbs really fast, so you will start feeling an effect just in several minutes after taking it.

THC - Free Water Soluble

Hemplucid's isolated CBD - THC free water soluble

You can buy not only whole plant CBD drops but THC-free ones on the website. This cannabidiol isolate is ideal for sportsmen and people who can’t take full spectrum stuff. This water-soluble is sold in 30 ml bottles.

You are free to select the strength of the product from 150mg to 1500 mg. The price varies from $25.95 to $99.95. The serving size is 1ml.

There are numerous reviews about this product on the website, and most of them are positive. People speak about fast effect and pain relief.

Popular Flavors

Fans of cannabidiol stuff usually speak about the vast variety of tastes and shapes. I’ll disappoint you because the company chose another strategy. All products come with natural flavors and an earthy hemp taste.

I’ve read a lot of reviews, and some say that CBD MCT oil mixture tastes acrid. The bears I bought, tasted not really great, but I decided to buy Hemplucid CBD gummies not because of the yummy taste, but to test the effect.


When speaking about the effectiveness of Hemplucid CBD gummies for pain relief, it is necessary to mention that they work, and it is great. Customers say that bears helped them to relax and get rid of tension.

Products that can be purchased on the website differ in speed of absorption, taste, and the duration of the effect. So, consider all these factors when choosing some stuff for you.

If you buy bears, don’t wait for the rapid effect, give preference to tinctures and oils. Carefully read about the duration of the effect and its speed in order not to be disappointed in the end.

My Experience and Favorite Product

I’ve heard a lot of positive Hemplucid gummies reviews, so decided to give them a try. You know, I chose whole-plant CBD gummies because I wanted to experience an entourage effect. They say a lot about it.

So, I’ve mentioned that bears helped me to feel better and to get rid of worries. They didn’t get me high, and colors didn’t seem to be brighter or anything like that, I just felt so peaceful and relaxed.

So, I’ll continue taking Hemplucid CBD gummies for anxiety relief. It is my favorite product from this company at the moment.

Online Reputation

I failed to find some reviews about the service on Sitejabber and Trustpilot, but I’ve found some Hemplucid CBD gummies Reddit reviews.

Individuals who have already tried some products from the company told that they helped them to forget about the pain and to sleep better. Some said that they were a bit de-focused after taking stuff from Hemplucid, but anyway, they didn’t feel high.

Lab Reports

The company tests all products in the trusted laboratories and guarantees the safety of all the items that can be purchased on the website. Hemplucid claims that all their products are pesticide-free and contain no harmful chemicals.

You can look through the certificates of analysis in the description for products available in the online shop. All items have a batch number on the packaging so, you can easily use it to find the product certifications on the website.

Final Word

Ok, it is high time to speak the final word. I’ve tried stuff from Hemplucid, and I’m completely satisfied. They guarantee the high quality and safety of all their products. It is important for me because I don’t want to risk.

I failed to find at least one negative Hemplucid CBD gummies Reddit review, so I chose this product to give it a try. I am going to take these bears in the future and will recommend them to my friends. You know, they work well, and their price is ok.

Of course, you can find cheaper cannabidiol stuff online, but there is no guarantee that those products can be used without any concerns. So, if you are going to try some CBD products, I advise visiting this reliable website.

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