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Company Overview

You've probably heard of Kangaroo CBD gummies, candies, syrups, and lotions. But not everyone knows about the company itself. Kangaroo Ltd was founded in 2015 in the USA. This company is registered in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, you will not see such a piece of information on the packaging, as management is wary of cannabidiol haters. However, Kangaroo Gummies CBD is a true brand that is popular far beyond the United States.

Products and Prices

Many people are familiar with this company's products thanks to the delicious gummies, but I would like to tell you about all the products today. The first thing I want to talk about is CBD oil. This product can be added to food and drinks or taken orally in a few drops. This is the most effective option for medical needs. You've probably read Kangaroo CBD gummies reviews, and you know that the company specializes in treats like this. This line has many flavors and different packaging sizes.

Sorbet Gummy Bears

These mouth-watering chewy gelatin candies are one of the most popular choices among shoppers. A light and pleasant mix of sherbet and CBD allow you to relax and de-stress after a hard day. Also, this product is suitable for people experiencing painful sensations from injuries or inflammations.

sorbet gummy bears

A standard 500g container will cost you $49.99. If you want to buy a large package, the manufacturer has provided options up to 3kg. Small testers of 50g are also available to connoisseurs of the brand. This will help you find out how much such candies will suit you.

Dog Treats – Bacon and Cheese Strips

Don't forget about pet edibles. The brand has quite a few treats that your cat or dog will love. One option is CBD Edible with bacon and cheese flavor. The mouth-watering strips will appeal to almost any dog. A standard 150mg pack costs $39.99. This edible is THC-free and safe for puppies over four months old.

Dog Treats – Bacon and Cheese Strips

CBD Pain Relief Cream

If you do not want to take candy or oil, you can pay attention to pain relief cream. Its formula is composed of panthenol, CBD, and polysorbate. Typically a 300mg can cost $29.99. There are also larger volumes. For example, you can find a container up to 1200mg. This cream helps to eliminate inflammation, tones and moisturizes the skin. You can also get rid of anxiety and improve your body condition.

CBD Pain Relief Cream

Popular Flavors

I have heard that Kangaroo CBD watermelon gummies for sleep are the most popular. It should be noted that the brand makes products with the aroma of berries, fruits, chocolate, nut butter, citrus fruits, and even bacon. In total, the company has over 33 variations for current products.

There are also many gels and creams that have plant extracts. I have found products with aloe, sea buckthorn, and yarrow extract. The number of new Kangaroo gummies is constantly growing, so fans of exotic fruits can buy sweets with the smell of honey, cream, or cocoa beans.

Some gels, creams, and oils have a neutral flavor and contain no additional ingredients. This is especially true for those who are allergic to fruits or berries. Plus, oils can be added to food or drinks, so neutral aroma and flavor are an advantage.


One of the most effective products is oil. It contains less than 0.3% THC and provides effect within the first minute after taking a few drops. Gels, creams, and lotions have a longer activation period for their effects. Typically, you will need several treatments or days for this to take effect. However, such products can help reduce pain, improve skin condition, and reduce inflammation to a minimum.

The most interesting product is organic CBD gummies from Kangaroo. These delicious candies are interesting because they are not inferior to drops in efficiency. The only difference is the longer period of activation of the analgesic or sedative effects (10 to 20 minutes). As for edibles for dogs and cats, these products are effective when consumed daily for at least two days. Then the active ingredients make it possible to achieve the declared effect on the animal's body.

My Experience and Favorite Product

I often buy organic CBD gummies from CBD Kangaroo. Hard-working days can lead to migraines. I usually choose sugar-free candies. They have an almost neutral taste and are suitable even for diabetics. I like the 250mg pack because of the comfortable package. The pleasant and delicate structure of each gummy is suitable for those with sensitive gums.

gummy candy

There are many flavorful Kangaroo CBD gummies ingredients like watermelon, apple, berries, and even bananas. I often choose mixes as it allows a lot of different variations to be tried.

I recently turned my attention to pet edibles because my dog ​​was too hyperactive and nervous.

dog food cannabidiol

I chose the meatball product. It looks and smells almost indistinguishable from meat. The main plus is that my dog ​​ran to the plate of food as soon as he smelled the flavor. The positive effect of these edibles was already evident on the second day. The dog began to bark less and run around the rooms. It seems to me that this product acted as a sedative pill. He now experiences less stress and behaves better.

Online Reputation

Pretty much every Kangaroo CBD gummies review I've read has been positive. The brand's reputation is high. The main reason for this is the quality of the products and the affordable price. I had the experience of buying many oils, tinctures, and gummies, and I want to say that Kangaroo managed to balance the composition and provide the best shopping experience.

Most of the user reviews say the company uses quality ingredients and convenient packaging. Besides, people like that they can take several pounds at once. The only caveat is the lack of data about the manufacturer on the packages.

A huge plus for the company was the marketing campaign carried out in 2019. This allowed American and global customers to learn about all of the brand's products and their effectiveness. I also like that I haven't found a single subjective review. Typically, most people describe real-life situations and product performance.

Lab Reports

Another plus is third-party testing. According to lab reports, all brand products are gluten-free and do not contain GMOs. If you stick to the recommended organic Kangaroo gummies dosage, then nothing will harm your body. According to research, the brand's products do not include synthetic ingredients, additives, or heavy metals.

This guarantees safety for all buyers. However, the company advises you to follow your doctor's prescription before choosing the right product. Plus, Kangaroo sells many THC-free products. Most oils and edibles contain less than 0.3% THC.

Final Word

I tested a lot of products from this company, and I was very pleased. This is a brand that values ​​its reputation and puts the interests of consumers above all else. A huge plus is the sheer number of flavors and flavor combinations for most edibles. All oils and candies do not contain psychoactive substances and therefore have no significant contraindications.

Another plus is the various packaging options. The company offers transparent plastic containers and flexible tetra packs. The first option is interesting because you can see in advance what you will eat. The second type of container takes up less space. In both cases, you will receive a high-quality product that has been proven to be effective in a laboratory.


What company owns Kangaroo CBD?

Kangaroo Ltd is the owner. However, the company does not write about this on the packaging of most types of products.

Kangaroo CBD gummies how many in container?

The amount of gummies depends on the type and volume of the container. Typically, a 1000 gram pack holds at least 100 candies.

Kangaroo CBD how much CBD in each gummy?

It is less than 10mg per bear. This amount of CBD is acceptable to most buyers, regardless of age.

Is Kangaroo CBD legit?

Yes, this is a completely legit company. It is licensed and authorized to manufacture CBD products for the US and international markets.

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