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Company Overview

CBD products are comparatively new on the market, but their popularity is constantly growing. More and more customers search for safe, high-quality, and effective gummies, oils, and edibles that can help relieve pain, eliminate stress, and fight anxiety. With the increasing demand, the number of online platforms selling CBD has also multiplied. On the one hand, it is a complete advantage, as you have an unlimited choice, while on the other hand, finding the top offer is much more complicated.

Browsing the web, I have occasionally come across Captain Amsterdam's site, which impressed me a lot. To tell the truth, I was just excited to give a try to something new and different from the one I always used. Captain Amsterdam suited the description.

The first impression is crucial, so, browsing their page, I started doubting whether I need to purchase from them. However, I could not help but satisfy my curiosity.

This company seems to be brand new, as its website is quite simple and it took me much time and effort to find the customers’ reviews and comments about its services.

At that point, the only question I had was, “Where are Captain CBD gummies made?” Unfortunately, the only data I could find is that the distributor provides customers with 100% safe, legal and THC-free CBD products made in the USA. Not much information, but at least something. Anyway, I decided to follow my rule and make no assessments primarily for cooperation.

Products and Prices

To claim that Captain Amsterdam has a limited choice of CBD products is to say nothing. In fact, Captain CBD gummies 200 mg are the only item that captured my attention. Offered at $10.99 for 20ct, it seemed to be quite affordable, so I decided to try it.

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At the same time, it is inevitable to mention that the company focuses mainly on Kratom productions, offering a few CBD goods.

Popular Flavors

Captain Amsterdam CBD gummies are offered in two different flavors, including the regular one and sour. The dosage, cost, and efficiency remain the same, while the tastes may vary. Those customers, who prefer a more natural, traditional CBD flavor should opt for the regular gummies. In contrast, users who strive to diversify the experience with sour aftertaste may prefer the alternative option.


Captain Amsterdam is the company that claims to provide new and experienced CBD users with high-quality edibles free of THC and other components that can make them high or trigger other side effects.

However, according to those few reviews I managed to find online, the reality is slightly different. Instead of powerful and effective pain relief and anxiety treatment, customers frequently get tasty gummies with no effect. As for me, I often purchase gummies sold by different companies to fight the symptoms of insomnia and advance the quality of nighttime rest. Having a rich experience testing products of various manufacturers, I can tell that the effect CBD gummies Captain Amsterdam offers is far not the best.

My Experience and Favorite Product

After some time weighing the potential pros and cons, I decided to place an order and check whether the comments are real or fake. Since the choice is limited, I purchased only one pack of CBD gummies with sour flavor. I enjoy unusual tastes, and this time made no exception.

CBD gummies 200 mg

Over two weeks passed before I got my order, which is probably the longest delivery time ever. The products were discreetly packed with neither my name nor address specified. I liked that point a lot because anonymity is indispensable, especially when you shop for CBD items.

Each pack contained 20 gummies, right as claimed in the product description. Everything seemed normal up to the moment I took one bear. Well, I had an awful night’s sleep I didn’t experience long. Maybe it was caused by an insufficient dose I got. So, the next day I doubled it, and the outcomes were still approximately the same.

Well, if you strive to taste a completely new CBD product and view Captain Amsterdam as an advantageous alternative, there is only one question you should ask, “Captain CBD gummies do they work?” The answer is obvious to me, but you can do a little research and find other reviews that will prove the relevance and credibility of the information I mention.

Online Reputation

It is inevitable to mention that finding a comprehensive Captain CBD gummies review was a real challenge for me. That was the first factor that made me suspicious. I rarely cooperate with the online distributors that have zero-rating and no feedback, but this time I made an exception. The absence of information about the brand, its priorities, and values also contributed to my curiosity.

Nonetheless, after spending some time searching the web, I managed to find numerous reviews. People talked about different features and specifications of the experience, mainly negative. It is crucial to mention 100% anonymity and confidentiality of the experience users highlight. At the same time, I had a hard time finding at least one user who was completely satisfied with the quality, efficiency, and safety of the CBD gummies, as well as the convenience of shopping.

Lab Reports

Are the products laboratory tested? The safety of the Captain CBD gummies is not so easy to be checked. In the vast majority of instances, distributors provide the certificates of the CBD goods analysis directly on the company’s website. This time everything was unusual. As mentioned on the main page, the customer can get the desired laboratory test results, but it will not be as easy as you could think. I had to address the customer support service to learn the information about where I can see the documents that guarantee the safety and quality of CBD gummies I wanted to buy.

Final Word

Captain Amsterdam is a relatively new distributor, which strives to impress users with different types of goods, including CBD gummies. After my experience cooperating with the service, I can claim without a shadow of a doubt that it was the first and the last one.

cbd gummies

The customer support team is quite helpful and supportive, but it is not the most significant point that can influence the overall impression from experience. Exceptionally long delivery, poor-quality, ineffective gummies, and limited assortment are the basic features that contributed to my disappointment.

Irrespective of certain advantages, I cannot recommend Captain Amsterdam for clients looking for effective CBD products that would deal with the symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, and similar abnormalities.


Where Are Captain CBD gummies made?

There is little information you can find about the specific CBD distributor. As specified in several reviews, Captain Amsterdam is a US-based company that offers no THC and GMO edibles that can aid your sleep, relieve pain and eliminate stress.

Is captain CBD gummies legit?

A limited assortment of CBD goods, their inefficiency, and a range of other specifications helped me understand what Captain Amsterdam is about. Considering Captain CBD gummy bears, it is crucial to mention that it was one of the worst experiences using insomnia aids ever. Instead of a peaceful and relaxing nighttime sleep, I had a sleepless and devastating night. Captain CBD gummies will surely not make you high, as their effects are minimal and insignificant.

Surely, tastes differ, and some customers may enjoy the service and the CBD edibles it offers, but I will never buy this product again.

Who owns Captain CBD gummies?

Captain CBD gummies made in USA are supposed to be 100% safe and effective, but the claims differ from reality. Although a comparatively new and ambitious service has all the chances to grow and thrive, the absence of responsible and goal-oriented management prevents it from potential success.

Unfortunately, I could not find any information about the person or a company that owns Captain Amsterdam and is in charge of CBD gummies offered online.

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