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10/02/2020 | Tom Tyler | 0
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Colorado Cures CBD Company Overview

With the increasing demand of cannabinoids in the modern market, the number of CBD distributors is constantly growing. However, the most important task for the customer is to opt for a trusted service that provides top-quality and effective CBD products. According to the different colorado cures cbd reviews, it is one the platform you can rely on. So, I have decided to give it a try. Quality, 100% safe, and helpful items are claimed to be the key priorities. Besides, the company strives to popularize CBD products and show the difference they can make in people's lives.

Company Overview

After I have read numerous reviews and feedback about the platform, I found out that the vast majority of customers appreciate a variety of CBD-based products, professional staff, rapid delivery, and competitive costs. However, there are also people who leave negative comments about high prices and several other specifications. In fact, it is hard to deny that the popularity of the Oklahoma-based company has gone far beyond its borders.

colorado cures cbd reviews

Colorado Cures CBD Oils

Even though it has been my first experience ordering from Colorado Cures, I can tell that it is a customer-oriented company that does everything possible to meet the needs and requirements of the clients. With the help of little tips I have found a diversity of oils or tinctures that have three spectrums, including isolate, broad, and full. Following the colorado cures cbd oil reviews, each product is unique and effective if used in accordance with the recommendations. So, I have decided to have a look at various options, check out the flavors and prices before making the final decision.

colorado cures cbd oil reviews

Broad Spectrum Oils

The name of the category refers to a diversity of cannabinoids that are found in the hemp plant. A single product may contain up to 107 different cannabinoids, with the most popular ones being CBN, CBC, and CBD. Another important feature that contributes to the immense popularity of the oil category is the absence of THC.

There are three flavors and dosages available. The customer has an opportunity to opt for an all-natural, strawberry lemonade and tropical oils. As I am quite a picky customer, it has become a real challenge to make a choice. The minimum dose is 500mg – 30 mL, which costs $40. If you want to buy a bigger bottle, which is 1000mg – 30 mL, you will have to pay $70, while the biggest one, 2500mg – 30mL, is priced $100. As you could guess, I have got a small one.

Full Spectrum Oils

Similar to broad-spectrum CBD oils, full-spectrum ones also contain a variety of cannabinoids. However, unlike the previous ones, they feature 0.3% THC in the composition. In this category, the customers can also choose the desired flavor and dosage. Traditional all-natural, strawberry lemonade and tropical oils are available. The prices vary the following way:

  • 500mg – 30mL – $50;
  • 1000mg – 30mL – $80;
  • 2500mg – 30mL – $110.

Colorado Cures Premium Isolate Oils

Isolated products are the best for those users who are in search of one-cannabinoid oil. With the CO2 extraction, we manage to achieve the desired effect and provide clients with the best isolate oils. Choose all-natural, peppermint, or berry-flavored products, the price of which ranges from $30 up to $70.

Colorado Cures CBD Edibles

Colorado Cures offers a great variety of CBD edibles that will meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. All the products are crafted to supplement your initial CBD product. The vast majority of edibles are offered in the forms of candies, mints, gummy candies, and suckers, so you may feel comfortable using them in public. Even the pickiest customer will find a suitable form, flavor, and shape of the edible CBD.

colorado cures edible vegan gummies

All the products are divided into several categories, such as:

  • CBD beverages. From sparkling water and up to ground coffee beans, the customers can enjoy the best CBD-containing beverages at affordable costs. 12oz drinks cost only $3.99 and $4.99, while the price for the pack of fine coffee will reach $14.00 for 250mg.
  • CBD snacks. Little pixie sticks, peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate chips, and cookie dough are offered at only $3.99 for each.
  • CBD capsules. Currently, Colorado Cures offers two main products in the category, such as Raw Hemp and Muscle and Joint Capsules, that cost $25 and $39.99, accordingly.
  • CBD gummies. Lemon, blackberry, huckleberry, raspberry, watermelon, and a range of other flavors are offered to customers who strive to purchase CBD products in a convenient form. An interesting fact is that apart from the main tastes, the customers can also take maximum advantage of Colorado Cures edible vegan gummies, which shows the ultimate care and concern of the company for every customer. The prices for CBD gummies vary from $4.25 up to $39.99.

Other CBD Products

Apart from CBD oils and edibles, Colorado Cures provides a diversity of other effective and helpful products, such as topicals (scrubs, lotions, and skincare), pet items, vapes, concentrates, accessories, and books.

Colorado Cures CBD other


  • helping you get back to homeostasis
  • full spectrum gummies containing up to .3% THC per serving
  • broad spectrum and isolate gummies available
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Popular Flavors

One of the most significant specifications of the CBD store is the diversity of available flavors. Colorado Cures gummies, oils, topicals, and other products will impress you not only with the effect they trigger but also the pleasant scent or taste they have. The vast majority of CBD fans appreciate an opportunity to opt for natural products with all-natural, mint, watermelon, lemon, tropical, and a multitude of other flavors.


CBD is the component that is claimed to promote a significant influence on both physical and psychological conditions. According to the numerous studies, as well as Colorado Cures independent review, a properly selected and used CBD tincture, gummy, or lotion can decrease stress, relieve pain, eliminate anxiety and deal with a variety of other issues.

My Experience and Favorite Product

The best way to make the right decision is by reading the our review and contacting the customer support service. So, I have chosen this way, too. Following the statistics, Colorado Cures assorted gummies take the first place in the list of the most demanded and appreciated CBD products.

After using several gummies, I forgot about stress and anxiety, as well as worries. The overall feeling was much better, even though the product did not make me high. So, I will probably keep using the product and try other flavors.

Online Reputation & Colorado Cures CBD Reviews

It is an undeniable fact that the up-to-date CBD industry is filled up with quality products distributed by reliable, safe, and trusted companies. However, according to the reviews, Colorado Cures is appreciated for numerous unique items and services offered for the clients. The maximum level of confidentiality, convenient payment methods, constant discounts, fast delivery, and other peculiarities contribute to the increasing popularity of Colorado Cures among similar companies. However, there is always room for improvement, so I hope, next time they will be even better.

Lab Reports

One thing all Colorado Cures anytime gummies, topicals, oils, and other product reviews seem to agree on is that the availability to lab test results advances the credibility level of the store. Any customer has an exclusive opportunity to find third party lab results right on the page of the product.

Final Word

Well, it is the right time to make some conclusions. After I have ordered and tried several products from the store, I can tell that I am fully satisfied with the quality and safety of the distributed items, as well as the professional approach to the customers. Colorado Cures is the customer-oriented platform that provides clients with useful CBD products. Additionally, affordable costs, as well as a variety of convenient services make the company even more appreciated.

Colorado Cures CBD

Grown: hemp plants originate in Colorado
Lab tests: by Altitude consulting
Shipping: Free shipping excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and other US territories
Refund policy: do not offer refunds
Contact: [email protected]
(423) 391-0136
Adress: 117 Parkview Circle, Piney Flats, TN, 37686
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Where to buy Colorado Cures?

One thing all Colorado Cures anytime gummies, topicals, oils, and other product reviews seem to agree on is that the availability to lab test results advances the credibility level of the store. Any customer has an exclusive opportunity to find third party lab results right on the page of the product.

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