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Company Overview

Many Americans have heard of Sun State CBD gummies and their variety of flavors at least once. Sun State Hemp Ltd manufactures this product. The company is focused on the US market and has a plantation in Davie, Florida. Over the past two years, the company has been developing CBD products and creating flavor mixes. On the other hand, the company has spent a lot of money on marketing and has a beautiful website. But how good are the products, and can they be bought by those who need CBD?

Products and Prices

The top edible is Sun State hemp CBD gummies. There are over 20 types of these treats. The company also creates oils, tinctures, edibles, balms, and even dog treats. I want to tell you about the most popular CBD products that are bought the most.

CBD Broad Spectrum Softgels

Not all consumers love variety or oils. That is why I want to start my product review not with Sun State hemp 750mg CBD gummies but with capsules. These are gelatinous balls that contain cannabidiol and are absolutely odorless or tasteless. Consider this a complete replacement for the medication. One 750mg can cost $29.99. If you are looking for a larger container, the manufacturer is ready to offer a 1500mg version. This will be enough for long-term cannabidiol use.

CBD Broad Spectrum Softgels

CBG/CBD Oil Tincture

This product comes in a 1000mg container with a handy pipette dispenser. Unlike the Sun State hemp 1150 CBD gummies, this tincture has a neutral, buttery flavor. One container costs $79.99. You can take a raw tincture or add a few drops to your juice or any other cold drink.

CBG/CBD Oil Tincture

Clear Bears

These edibles are similar to Sun State CBD multivitamin gummies but lack a distinct flavor. This feature is important for allergy sufferers or diabetics. You have to pay $22.99 for 600mg. The maximum container volume can be up to 1800mg. The manufacturer indicates the number of colored bears in the package.

Clear Bears

CBD Ground Coffee

This is a brand new product that I found out about not so long ago. A month ago, I was looking for Sun State gummies and saw packets of this kind of coffee. One 300mg container costs $19.99. This is Arabica. The buyer can choose the type of roasting because the taste of the hot drink depends on it. One container can last for several weeks if you don't drink coffee often.

CBD Ground Coffee

Popular Flavors

This Sun State hemp gummies review is meant to be an expert one, so I want to tell you about popular flavors. The company has several types of cannabinoid-based products that smell like terpenes. All edibles and tinctures are based on floral and citrus scents. I also found pine-scented berry products and lotions. The company's assortment also includes dog and cat treats. Such edibles taste and smell like bacon, cheese, grilled meats, and fruits.


Now it's time to talk about the effectiveness of these products. Many people choose gummies because they are the most enjoyable way to get cannabidiol. Are Sun State hemp CBD gummies legal? On average, you will need to wait about 20-30 minutes after you have eaten a couple of bites of these yummy treats. Nevertheless, many people say that they had to wait about an hour to get the desired effect.

Flavors and additional ingredients do not affect this parameter in any way. Tinctures and oils work better. The average activation time for the effects is about 15-20 minutes. Lotions and cosmetics work a little differently. Typically, you need to use these products for a few days or even a week to eliminate skin problems, pain, or inflammation. However, many people say that they have not achieved the desired effect even after a week of use.

My Experience and Favorite Product

I know that the most valuable thing is a personal experience. That is why I have tested several products and am ready to share the results with you. First of all, I was interested in trying a cup of aromatic CBD coffee. I bought a standard 300mg roast kit. Unfortunately, this coffee turned out to be tasteless. It seems to me that the manufacturer burned out the grain, and it turned out to be really bitter. Another problem is the lack of cannabidiol. I could not split any effect even an hour after drinking several cups.

cbd coffee

Also, I decided to buy gummies. I tried classic bears and peach rings. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with these sweets as they were tasteless and a little harsh for me. I also had to wait about an hour until I felt the desired effect. It seems to me that many alternative options are cheaper and more effective.

Another product I decided to test is a muscle and joint cream. According to the website's description, this is the best solution for those who have joint inflammation or pain when walking. I have used this ointment for a whole week, and I want to say that the effect is not much different from analogs without CBD. For me, it was rather a disappointment because my joints recovered naturally.

muscle and joint cream

Online Reputation

The company has a mixed reputation on the market. The brand's policy aimed at full openness and publication of all ingredients of each product. Are Sun State hemp CBD gummies legal? Yes. Nevertheless, I found several forums where people described the almost useless products of this company. This means that you practically do not experience the effect even if you take higher doses.

Lab Reports

The company has a personal laboratory, and all products have passed third-party testing. This suggests that you have nothing to worry about. All products correspond to the declared formula and are not hazardous to health. On the one hand, this suggests that the company is trying to attract as many buyers as possible and is open to criticism. 

Nevertheless, I have read all the research results, and I want to say that this is a very interesting point. Let me tell you in more detail. The fact is that according to the formula of most products, all positions on the site are not drugs. Moreover, the company does not guarantee a recreational or regenerative effect. This means that you buy all sweets, oils, or lotions at your own risk and cannot expect any effect.

Final Word

It is a very controversial brand that has a lot of negative reviews on the Internet. Despite the huge number of products and a wide range of products on the site, I would recommend you to be careful. Choose products wisely and look for alternatives to get the most benefit. It is worth your attention for informational purposes only, but I do not recommend that you buy most of their products.


How much melatonin does Sun State hemp gummies have?

This parameter depends on the volume of the container. Typically you can count on 10mg of melatonin in a 200mg package.

Are Sun State hemp CBD gummies legal?

Yes, this is a legal product. The company has all the approvals and laboratory tests.

Who owns Sun State CBD?

Sun State Hemp Ltd. owns this brand. You can find more detailed information on the official website.

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