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Company Overview

Hello, everybody! Today, I want to write my review about an online shop JustCBD. Here you can find a wide range of products that contain cannabidiol. Have you read a lot of Just CBD gummies reviews?

Yes, they are really popular among customers and come in various flavors, but not only gummies are sold on the website. You can buy such products as vape pens, protein bars, vape oils, pain creams, soaps, stuff for pets, etc.

Need an isolate for making drinks or cooking? No, problem. It can also be purchased here.

justCBD gummies

Although the company was established in 2017, it gained much popularity on the market, offering free shipping on orders more than $20 and free returns.

All the products you can buy from the online shop are made in the USA and are of the highest quality.

The website is user-friendly. You can not only purchase numerous CBD products but read some useful info in their blog, have a look at lab reports and even start your own CBD business thanks to the wholesale section.

Let’s speak about some restrictions in my JustCBDgummies.review. If you are under 18 or pregnant, keep in mind that products with cannabidiol shouldn’t be used.

If you take medication or have serious medical conditions, it is advised to consult with the physician before using CBD stuff.

Products and Prices

Now, let’s find out about the most popular products in my Just CBD brand gummies review.

Although the platform offers a huge variety of cannabidiol goods, the choice of gummies is the most impressive.

If you want to try some gummies, you are in the right place. Their selection is simply huge. They come in different shapes and tastes. I failed to find at least one negative Just CBD gummies 250mg review.

There are more than six hundred positive reviews on the platform, and they all speak about the superb quality of the product.

Clients say that bears and worms helped them to get rid of anxiety and worries. Thanks to these tasty treats, you will have sweet dreams and forget about having insomnia.

Some say that these magic gummies have helped to forget about the problem with legs twitching at night. So, judging by the numerous reviews, I conclude that these gummies are really helpful and worth purchasing. One 250 mg jar costs $23.99.

If you want to save some cash, better buy a 1000 mg jar with edibles. It costs $60. The product comes in various shapes: bears, worms, ribbons, and rings. A 500mg jar with cannabidiol gummies costs $40.

There are more than 600 reviews from happy clients who have already purchased this product.

I have found only positive feedback, and in the one Just CBD gummies 500mg review, a guy was talking that bears helped him to fight insomnia, he had been struggling for more than ten years! Wow, it is really impressive!

People say a lot about the positive health effect and share their experience of taking helpful treats.

Popular Flavors

Ok, as I’ve already told, the most popular product is gummies that go in various flavors.

Clients usually select sour, apple, peach, cherry, watermelon, and blueberry flavors. When choosing the type of gummies and their taste, pay attention that cannabidiol per serving varies.

For example, clear bears and sugar ones contain just 10 mg of CBD per bear, worms contain from 14 mg to 25mg per piece, depending on the size. Peach and apple rings have 25 mg per piece.

The most popular flavors of Vape Cartridges are strawberry, blueberry, and mango. Customers often choose Signature Cbd cartridges with the following flavors: pineapple express, Northern lights, and Sour Diesel.

Choose the preferable flavor and enjoy your favorite products.


I’ve tested a couple of products from an online shop and want to tell you that gummies were really effective.

I’ve ordered Sour Bears and Peach Rings. I noticed a positive effect. More than that, I chose them because they were easy to dose and tasted great! The next time I’ll buy the bigger jar and will write my Just CBD gummies 3000mg review.

I found a lot of reviews on the website where customers told about the positive influence of oils, vapes, and bears. I failed to find at least one negative Just CBD gummies review on the platform, and it means that customers are fully satisfied.

This stuff works, and it is the main thing! If these products help people to get rid of anxiety and pain, why not use them?

My Experience and Favorite Product

I decided to test several products from the company, and now I’m ready to share my experience with you.

At first, I want to leave my Just CBD gummies gummies 1000mg review. I decided to save some cash and to purchase a big jar. Why not? It is usually cheaper to buy a bigger jar.

I chose the flavor Sour Bear. One piece contained 10 mg of CBD. I took two bears at night and slept really well.

Usually, I have some problems with falling asleep. I think that it is maybe because of the hectic lifestyle. More than that, I noticed that bears helped me to get rid of pain in my knee. This is an old injury, and it gave me some trouble before I started eating sour bears.

JustCBD Edibles

As for Just CBD gummies peach rings review.

I liked this product even more than sour bears. It tasted really great!

I gave half of the jar to my friend, he was a bit depressed. I noticed that his mood improved after taking two peach rings a day.

So, I can say that this product really works. It helped me to relax after the working day and made my friend feel better. I’ll recommend it to my other friends, for sure.

Online Reputation

Now, it is high time to speak about online reputation of the online store. I could find just one review about the website on Sitejabber, and it was negative.

I think it is not right to judge the reputation of the service by just one feedback, so I’ve checked some reviews on other reputable platforms. I failed to find a lot of info about the company.

There was one Just CBD gummies review Reddit from a guy who shared his experience of taking edibles. He said that they didn’t get him high.

If you read a lot about goods with cannabidiol, you’ll find out that products containing it have another effect and don’t get you high.

I found the Just CBD gummies Reddit post telling about three best products for stress relief. The first place belongs to gummies, then goes vape oil and CBD oil tinctures.

To sum up, an online reputation is quite controversial. But, I think that not all reviews found online can be trusted.

I ordered some products from this shop and was really satisfied with the quality and the speed of delivery. The service offers reasonable prices for high-quality products.

Lab Reports

You can find a section Lab Reports in the header. Wow, it really impressed me.

You won’t have any safety concerns after having a look at all the numerous lab reports.

Here you will find certificates that prove all the products were tested by the Green Scientific labs and are absolutely safe to use. Just select a product from the list and know its test results.

JustCBD gummies

Safety, quality, and affordability of CBD products are the priority of Verma Farms. Therefore, the team takes maximum effort to provide users with the most effective and helpful products ever. Similar to other CBD stores, Verma Farms offers independent third-party lab reports for all the options available on the website. What you need to do is to search for the necessary product and find information about its quality right on the page. According to the presented information, the CBD products are 100% organic and GMO-free.

Final Word

Ok, it is high time to say the final word.

The online shop offers a huge variety of CBD stuff. If you want to relax at the end of the hard day or have trouble falling asleep, I advise you to purchase some of their goods.

I tasted their bears and peach rings that were awesome.

If you are a fan of vapes, there is a great selection of Vape pens and oils. You can even purchase some bath bombs and soaps with CBD, and don’t forget about your pet. There are some treats for dogs and cats too.

So, you can see that a website offers a wide selection of stuff with cannabidiol. As for prices, they are quite reasonable but keep in mind, the bigger jar you buy, the less you pay. I was satisfied with the fast delivery and service in common.

So, if I decide to purchase some CBD stuff the next time, I’ll visit this website again.


Do CBD gummies help with stress?

Whether it is at home or at work, stress may be an issue. Fortunately, JustCBD gummies can assist. Their CBD ingestibles are great tasting CBD candy treat. The fact that CBD edibles are simply delicious is just an added bonus.

Does JustCBD only use organic ingredients?

They only rely on domestic hemp products and formed trusting relationships with the farmers, JustCBD confirms that our hemp is free of unwanted chemicals, like the ones found in pesticides.

What additional benefits does justCBD offer?

JustCBD gummies help people feel calm and cool. They also assist in falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night.

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