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Company Overview

People who are interested in CBD products, like me, have definitely heard much about Ecosciences. Although the company is comparatively new, it has already become popular among customers who are in search of quality CBD oils, tinctures, gummies, and other products. According to the information offered on the website, only the best ingredients are used to manufacture effective and safe items. What makes Ecosciences one of the leading CBD distributors? While the vast majority of similar companies provide clients with products that contain isolated CBD, Ecosciences preserves all the valuable natural components of the hemp plant, including phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

cbd drip reviews

The company offers excellent customer support service, helping clients opt for the necessary product that meets their needs and requirements. Additionally, it is inevitable to mention that all the items offered on the website are tested by SC Labs. Keep reading this review to get more information about Ecoscience, its services, products, and prices. Check out all the available items and focus on effective and multifunctional CBD drips.

Products and Prices

When I have started navigating the website for the first time, I was really impressed by the diversity of available products. Ecosciences offers a diversity of options, like oils, topical creams, tinctures, gummies, pet products, and others.

CBD Capsules

If you are always on the go and have no time to take pills, CBD capsules by Ecoscience is exactly what you need. I have decided to give it a try and have not regretted the choice. The most important reason why I wanted to give it a try is just because I do not like the taste of raw hemp extract, which is typical for the vast majority of tinctures. Ecogels and Ecocaps, instead, are still rich in hemp extract but are also available in a convenient form. Additionally, their non-GMO and gluten-free composition is also worth mentioning.

There are two basic products offered by Ecosciences in this category, including:

  • 500mg – 30mL – $50;
  • 1000mg – 30mL – $80;
  • 2500mg – 30mL – $110.

CBD Gummies

cbd drip gummies

There is hardly any CBD user who does not appreciate a delicious snack that can be easily taken anytime and in any place. Ecosweets is a great combination of fruit-flavored gummies with a useful hemp extract. Currently, the 5ct pack with mixed fruit flavor is offered at $4.99.

CBD Additives

If you have already got some information about capsules, creams, and tinctures offered by Ecosciences, it is the right time to move to the additives provided by the company. According to the CBD drip review, it is one of the most appreciated products from the variety of available ones. What makes it so demanded and valued? Probably, the universal nature. The additives are available in different concentrations, so the customer can easily pick one that suits personal needs. The products are nicotine-free, which is also very important.

CBD drip additives

Currently, there are four main types of CBD additives offered by Ecosciences:

  • CBD drip gold that features 100mg of hemp extract per bottle and costs $4.99. The vast majority of customers take it as a vape additive, but it can also be used for other purposes.
  • According to the CBD drip platinum review, it is the top choice for users that value full spectrum hemp extract in a moderate concentration. A single bottle of CBD drip platinum contains 400mg of hemp extract and is offered at $ 9.99.
  • CBD drip onyx is one of the most concentrated and effective products offered by the company. An average customer can take advantage of 1000mg of hemp extract in each bottle. However, you will have to spend $19.99 for each item.
  • CBD drip rix review claims the product to be ultimately effective and appreciated by those who are looking for 9000mg of full-spectrum non-GMO hemp extract additive. The main component of the product is combined with USP Kosher Propylene Glycol in order to increase the positive effect and guarantee a flawless impact. The price of a single 30mL bottle is $99.99.
  • Additionally, I have also noticed an interesting function, which is not available in the vast majority of other CDB-related stores. The customer has an opportunity to save up to 25% with a weekly or monthly subscription. Such a principle works for all goods available on the website, which is a nice innovation, as for me.

    Popular Flavors

    When it comes to CBD tinctures, there is some choice in terms of taste and volume. Every customer can opt for 1mL, 10mL, or 30mL bottles that feature citrus ginger, coconut, or natural flavors.

    As for gummies, Ecosciences does not provide clients with a diverse choice, as the CBD gummies product is offered in a mixed fruit flavor only. Even though the selection of tastes is not very rich, I have found the one I enjoyed. Natural flavor has never been a wrong choice, so far.


    CBD drip gummies

    One of the most beneficial peculiarities of Ecosciences is the transparency of its policies and services. The customer can always find necessary information about the components of the product, as well as the results of its lab testing. Consequently, you can be 100% sure the tinctures, capsules, additives, and gummies are safe and effective. However, it is inevitable to remember individual specifications that can influence the way the products work for you. Besides, keep in mind that some CBD options contain other ingredients you can be sensitive to.

    My Experience and Favorite Product

    Even though I do not experience anxiety and depression often, I always have a pack of CBD gummies, just in case. This time my choice was completely different, and I have decided to give CBD drip a try. Of course, I have found different CBD drip reviews, both positive and negative, which added to my interest.

    The lowest dose was enough to improve my mood, keep me active and energetic throughout the day. Although CBD drip gold is usually taken for vapes, I have added several drops to my juice. The result was even better than I could expect.

    Online Reputation

    It is hard to deny that the modern market is filled with a diversity of CBD companies that manufacture and distribute the most diverse products. However, following the reviews, Ecosciences manages to remain competitive no matter what. I was truly impressed to see so many positive feedback about its unique options and only a few negative comments about a limited flavor choice.

    Lab Reports

    Browsing the Ecosciences website, I have come across the lab testing reports for every single product available on the platform. Thus, it is possible to claim that the company cares for its clients and their health.

    Final Word

    To sum up all the above-mentioned information, I need to say that Ecosciences is not just a trivial CBD distributor. Instead, it is one of the reliable companies that offer exclusive products at reasonable costs.


    Can CBD drip be taken orally?

    Edible CBD drip gummies are highly appreciated by the customers. CBD drip gold, platinum, and onyx, offered by Ecosciences should be vaporized in the vape, but they will not cause any side effects, if used orally, like a tincture.

    Does CBD drip expire?

    The vast majority of CBD drips are effective for 12 or 24 months, but they can be safely used for a longer period of time. Due to the natural components, the products are not likely to cause negative effects or adverse reactions.

    Does CBD drip contain THC?

    Quality CBD drip offered by Ecosciences contains less than 0.3% THC.

    Does CBD drip get you high?

    I have come across one CBD drip ecocap review, which claimed that the product made the user high, but it is an exception rather than a rule. The Ecosciences products are not likely to influence the psychological or emotional state of the customer.

    Is CBD drip legit?

    CBD products should not be used as a part of medical treatments, as they are not FDA approved. All the other uses are completely legit.

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