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Company Overview

Many CBD gelatin candies fans have heard of Lord Jones gummies at least once. This brand became known in 2017 after starting the website and opening the network of local stores. Redwood Wellness LLC is renowned for handcrafting all CBD products in Delaware. The management also acquired a USDA-certified organic hemp farm in Chowchilla, California. This means that all CBD ingredients are natural and selected by the quality control department. Let's start this Lord Jones gummies review with more detailed information.

Products and Prices

The company produces many tinctures, capsules, and oils for those who value CBD ingredients' maximum effect. Also, you can find Lord Jones all natural old fashioned high CBD gummies on the official website. There are also quite a few chocolate chews, gumdrops, gels, and lotions. All edible products are created by hand.

Hemp-Deprived CBD Gumdrops

These are classic chewy gelatin candies. Each box contains nine gumdrops. On average, the box weight is about 250mg. Each gumdrop contains about 20mg of CBD. Thanks to fruit flavors and vanilla, the manufacturer has achieved a delicate aroma and light aftertaste with citrus notes. One box costs $45. Unlike Lord Jones mango chili CBD gummies, these chewy gelatin candies have no pungent aftertaste and will suit most consumers.

Hemp-Deprived CBD Gumdrops

CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews

These are chocolate edibles with hints of espresso. Each box contains five chocolates. The total weight excluding packaging is 100mg. You can buy this for $30. The company markets this product as sweets to boost mood and fight depression. However, this is not a product to treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and the company has indicated it in the description.

CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews

CBD Body Lotion

It is a moisturizing and toning lotion with hemp extract. Consumers can use this product to moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation. This lotion has a sage and mint aroma and light citrus notes. One 100ml container costs $60. The product is intended for daily use. It contains less than 0.3% THC.

CBD Body Lotion

CBD Lemon Tincture

This tincture is for oral use. You can also mix this with water or juice. One bottle contains 250ml and costs $55. Lemon notes complement the aroma of terpenes and cannabinoids. If desired, the buyer can choose a 30ml tester and other flavors. Unlike Lord Jones holiday gummies, it offers fast CBD delivery.

CBD Lemon Tincture

Popular Flavors

Some oils, creams, and tinctures have a neutral scent. Such products are designed for a wide audience and allergy sufferers. Yummy treats have fruity, berry, and floral aromas. There are mixes like Lord Jones gummies strawberry, and lemon chews. Chocolate espresso chews are especially popular. Lotions and balms are based on floral ingredients, mint, and citrus.

It is worth noting that the company offers bath salts based on terpenes and essential oils. When in contact with hot water, the ingredients produce a relaxing and pain-relieving effect. The most neutral product is capsules. It does not contain any odor or taste since the gelatinous shell reliably protects the active ingredients.


First, let's focus on the CBD gummies Lord Jones offers online. Typically, these yummy treats take effect 30 minutes after ingestion. It's best if you don't mix CBD foods with your regular food. Then the anti-inflammatory and sedative effects will be higher. Oils and tinctures are most effective.

You can feel the soothing and pain-relieving effect after 5-10 minutes. Creams and balms work a little differently. Their creamy structure is designed to combat skin and muscle inflammatory effects. As a rule, improvement of well-being and reduction of skin defects occurs after several procedures. Capsules are as effective as oils. CBD effects appear 10 minutes after intake.

My Experience and Favorite Product

I want to start with Lord Jones CBD gummies as these are the tastiest treats I've ever eaten. The most interesting are berry gumdrops because they are made from natural ingredients. Since all the sweets are handcrafted according to a special recipe, it is similar to the products you can buy in a premium candy store. I really liked the packaging. This is a great gift option if your friend requires CBD products and is of legal age.

Not too long ago, I ordered chocolate espresso chews. The drawback of this product is only five candies per pack. But each chew contains 20mg of CBD, so I advise you to find out in advance the cannabidiol limit that is acceptable to you. It seems to me that the taste of dark chocolate greatly mutes espresso, but this is a subjective opinion. It seemed to my friends that both ingredients are balanced.

cbd candies

I also decided to get a CBD moisturizer as my skin is too dry and flaky. Five days after use, I was able to experience all the benefits of this product fully. My face is more hydrated. In addition, the skin has become uniform, and I no longer feel like a reptile from which the scales fall off. I also buy bath salts a lot as I love natural scents. I like the pleasant aroma, but I cannot say that it’s better than non-CBD analogs.

Online Reputation

This Lord Jones CBD gummies review would be incomplete without brand reputation data. The company has only been around for three years but has already won many CBD fans' trust. Most edibles and other products are handcrafted. I studied about ten reviews on Reddit and other sites, and almost all users paid attention to excellent customer support.

Each type of product is produced in small batches. Besides, the company has a quality control department. Throughout the search for reviews, I have not found a single negative comment related to products, packaging, or other aspects.

The only feature of the company is the small packaging for each type of edibles. I agree with other people who would like to see more types of containers with different volumes. This would make it easier to buy yummy treats. The rest of the brand is crystal clear and has no obvious flaws.

Lab Reports

Each product of the company goes through several stages of testing. The company also sends samples to independent laboratories. It is third-party testing that guarantees that your purchase will be safe. In addition, each batch of goods has special markings in the form of a code. You can enter data into the search bar on the website to get detailed information about testing and compliance with American quality standards. Thanks to this, I found all testing reports and made sure that the products meet all standards.

Final Word

I love this brand. The company positions itself as a niche CBD brand. Most edibles and beauty products are handmade using exclusively natural ingredients. Plus, it's a GMO-free product. The company owns a USDA-certified organic hemp farm, which allows you to count on high-quality cannabidiol. Another plus is the presence of products with different ingredients like fruits, berries, or chocolate. But the company does not forget about allergy sufferers and diabetics. Many gummies, capsules, and oils are sugar-free and do not have any smell or taste. Given the overwhelming amount of positive reviews, I find this to be a very attractive brand for those looking for CBD products.


Who owns Lord Jones CBD gummies?

Redwood Wellness LLC is the owner. You can find all the details on the corporate website.

Where to buy Lord Jones CBD gummies?

You can buy any product from the official website. There you can also find the nearest store on the online map.

Is Lord Jones CBD gummies legit?

Yes, it is a legit company that operates under the Delaware jurisdiction. You can check the registration details on the main website.

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