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Company Overview

FAB CBD is a relatively new company, offering CBD products for sale since 2017. Nevertheless, its team comes with an accumulative experience of 25 years in health and fitness industries, as well as pharmaceutical and supplement production. This must be what defined the company’s approach and make it strive for efficient and quality products with simplicity in the brand looks.

FAB CBD premium CBD oil

And even though their packaging does remind that of various medical products you’ll find in a drugstore, FAB CBD makes sure to remind that they are not FDA approved.

For that reason, they use third-party lab testing and provide the results on the site, which is the first thing one should look for when considering FAB CBD gummies for pain, sleep, or relaxation. This is the product we are most interested in right now since the availability of lab results on the site already gives us hope, so let’s proceed with our review.

Products and Prices

FAB CBD has no lack of products, offering quite a variety that allows several ways of ingesting cannabidiol. You will find some of the most common options, like CBD oil that comes in five different flavors (natural, citrus, berry, vanilla, and mint), fruit-flavored chews, and topical CBD cream.

The other products include CBD dog treats, available in three options or as a bundle, an active CBD vape pen, and green superfoods (Cocoa Crisp and Citrus Mojito).

FAB CBD oils

The prices are moderate, and if you check some FAB CBD gummies reviews, people say that the company’s products are well worth the price. I tend to agree with that notion since FAB CBD made creating quality and affordable CBD and nutrition products its mission, and they seem to be using the best hemp available and the latest technologies to achieve that.

So, a bottle with 30 chews or gummies (25mg of CBD each) costs $59. You can see, however, that there are constantly some products on sale, as well as various bundles options. Besides, I was greeted with a 15% discount offer for my first order, so that already makes buying these FAB CBD gummies for sleep a better deal.

FAB CBD chews

Popular Flavors

While there is some choice with CBD oil in terms of flavor and volume, there is none with gummies. So, it’s either you like what you get or you don’t and have to go look for them elsewhere.

However, FAB CBD did a great job creating these fruit-flavored chews which are basically candy. No wonder since they contain organic cane sugar and concentrated apple, carrot, and black currant. At the same time, gummies are gluten-free and vegan, so it’s a great choice for everyone.

FAB CBD oils' advantages


You can find out all you need about a product’s ingredients and lab-testing results on the company’s website, yet only FAB CBD gummies reviews can tell you whether it really works. And even then, you have to consider the fact that there are individual characteristics in play that will influence the product’s effectiveness for you.

However, I had all the reasons to expect FAB CBD chews to work for me since other companies’ products usually have the described effect if they are really what they are.

My Experience and Favorite Product

I was not mistaken, and these gummies indeed improved my sleep according to not only my own perception but also to my health bracelet. I also ate some gummies during the day and felt the soothing effect in a couple of hours, which lasted for the remainder of that day.

FAB CBD jar of CBD chews

Like many other customers who leave their FAB CBD chews reviews, I have to agree that I really like this product for its convenience. It’s much easier to just take a gummy out of the package and eat it whenever you feel the need than bother with tinctures.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about adding it into foods or drinks to hide that CBD isolate’s taste if you don’t like it. Gummies are just sweet and tasty on their own.

Online Reputation

There are hundreds of reviews on FAB CBD’s website on the respective product’s pages, yet I understand why some people would rather rely on a FAB CBD gummies review Reddit users provide than on these.

To be honest, I was surprised to see so much feedback, although some reviews were only a couple of words long and not that informative. It all became clear when I read about FAB CBD’s loyalty program. Leaving a review, as well as sharing, following, and liking Fab CBD on social media gives you points you can later use to get certain deals or discounts.

FAB CBD earning points

Nevertheless, this is simply an incentive to get more feedback from its customers and does not make the company a scam in any way. I can say this because of my own experience, and after actually reading some other reviews on Reddit and other platforms that spoke highly of FAB CBD.

Lab Reports

As mentioned before, FAB CBD is one of the responsible companies that conducts lab testing and makes the results freely available to those interested in them. It’s a bit unclear how often they update those, but the reports for CBD gummies were relatively recent. I wish there was an opportunity to check the results for your particular batch, but many companies don’t do even that.

FAB CBD's chews lab reports

Final Word

In conclusion of this FAB CBD gummies review, I can say that these are some of the best chews I have tried, they are both tasty and efficient. They may seem a bit more expensive than at some other companies, but then again, those would probably not be able to prove such high quality as FAB CBD. And if you consider all the discounts and deals you can get participating in the company’s loyalty program or by referring a friend, there’s really no reason not try FAB CBD products.

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