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Company Overview

The online market of CBD products is constantly growing, providing customers with an increasing number of quality oils, edibles, and other products for safe and effective use. From time to time, I feel how tired I get testing similar products at the same stores. However, this time everything is completely different.

As mentioned at CBD gummies Charlotte's Web page, the company was started as a mission rather than a profitable shop. Therefore, an individual approach to every customer, top-quality CBD products, wide assortment, and competitive cost are the primary concerns of the team. The main goal of the company is to distribute effective, high-quality, and safe CBDs. So, it's time to check whether the claimed information corresponds to reality.

Charlotte's Web proposal to buy

Products and Prices

The up-to-date CBD market is growing and developing at instant speed. More and more stores provide their CBD for pain products at affordable prices and with beneficial services. Therefore, it is getting increasingly difficult to impress a random customer.

Charlotte's Web is the online store we will analyze today, paying attention to the CBD products it offers, as well as services it features. The bright and colorful design of the website leaves the first positive impression on the user, as it provides customers with important information about the products and specifications of their use. Wide assortment, reasonable prices, individual approach to every customer, fast delivery, and a diversity of other options make the platform appreciated among the clients. Charlotte's Web features a wide variety of CBD products, so the clients have an opportunity to choose from the diverse flavor, volume, and price ranges.

CBD Gummies

People who suffer from sleep disorders finally have an opportunity to relax and enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep. Charlotte's Web offers the gummies of three types, including calm, sleep, and recovery, so the customer can opt for the product that suits individual needs and preferences. How can one decide which type is required? No need to worry as there is a special online quiz that will help you make the right choice. I did not even doubt that I would need a calm item, but still, I took the quiz.

The main feature of the CBD gummies by Charlotte's Web is the whole-plant extract, which is used to guarantee the maximum effectiveness and safety of the product. Make sure you know which one to choose, and opt for the corresponding one.

Charlotte's Web CBD gummies sizes and prises
  • Charlotte's Web CBD gummies sleep. If you have ever had problems falling asleep after a long working day, you should know how important it is to find quality sleep aid. Charlotte's Web CBD gummies with melatonin are your way to relax and enjoy an opportunity to fall asleep and stay so for the whole night.
  • Charlotte's Web CBD gummies calm. The item is a top choice for customers who frequently experience sudden signs of anxiety, stress, and depression. The unique blend of natural components will help you stay calm and forget about any disorders.
  • Charlotte's Web CBD gummies recovery. While the first two types of CBD gummies influence mainly the emotional health and the valuable processes in the central nervous system, this one is responsible for physical health. The item is excellent for users who have mild to moderate joint and muscle problems caused by regular exercise.

All the products are available in three different flavors, including lemon, ginger, and raspberry. The prices depend mainly on the volume of the pack:

  • 30 pieces - $29.99
  • 60 pieces - $44.99
  • 60 pieces 3-pack mix - $107.97.

CBD Oils

The diversity of CBD tinctures offered at Charlotte's Web provides users with an excellent effect. The cost of the products depends mainly on the volume of the bottle, starting at $29.99 for 7 mg and up to $119.99 for 60 mg. Lemon twist, natural olive oil, mint chocolate, and orange blossom are the flavors to choose from.

Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

Popular Flavors

When it comes to the choice of CBD flavors, that seems to be the most complicated choice I have to make. Fortunately, Charlotte's Web CBD gummies reviews helped me opt for the most appreciated option ever. Definitely, tastes differ, and the choice of the CBD gummy flavor depends on personal preferences, but lemon-lime is my favorite. Refreshing and energizing candy leaves a pleasant aftertaste that lasts for hours. As for tinctures, capsules, and other products, the vast majority of customers appreciate more natural flavors.


It is important to realize that every single experience using CBD products is individual, and its effectiveness depends on specific factors. However, that is the best way to learn about the quality of the item you want to purchase. As for the edibles and other options offered on Charlotte's Web, there are no comments about side effects or serious downsides.

Of course, I have also added a little back of gummies for my anxiety. The calming effect is exactly what I love about this type of product. A 30-piece pack cost me $29.99, and every single gummy is worth the price.


  • Melatonin โ€“ 3mg/serving
  • Not intended for use by children
  • USA Grown Hemp
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My Experience and Favorite Product

Browsing the website of Charlotte's Web, I have come across the exact item I needed. This time I will not review Charlotte's Web CBD gummies but will talk about CBD topical pain relief, as my chronic knee ache kills me. Active sport pain relief ointment was the option I have selected. The soothing and effect and warm feelings inside the knee were worth the $39.99 I have paid for the topical.

Charlottes web cbd products

Of course, I have also added a little back of gummies for my anxiety. The calming effect is exactly what I love about this type of product. A 30-piece pack cost me $29.99, and every single gummy is worth the price.

Online Reputation

While the up-to-date market is filled with the diversity of exclusive CBD options, Charlotte's Web CBD oil gummies get the highest appreciation among the online users. The availability of calm, recovery, and sleep options makes it valued by people who regularly face emotional or psychological problems.

There are numerous critical comments about the high prices of usual CBD products, but everyone is satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of the gummies, tinctures, and other items.

Lab Reports

While it is complicated for a random customer to check the quality and certification of the products offered on the platform, the lab reports are the only solution to the issue. Charlotte's Web provides the customers with a certificate of analysis that guarantees the undeniable quality of the distributed products. Additionally, the certification proves the maximum safety of the CBDs.

Final Word

It may be complicated to leave an extended Charlotte's Web CBD gummies review, but this time the challenge is real. Generally, CBD products presented at Charlotte's Web leave only positive emotions, as they do not only help to relax and enjoy every day but also forget about painful sensations, stiffness, and similar problems. Numerous customers mentioned mild side effects in their reviews, but I have noticed none.


Grown: hemp plants originate in Colorado
Lab tests: own lab certification
Shipping: Free Ground Shipping & Handling within the U.S. for all orders over $74.00
Refund policy: All products carry a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee
Contact: +1(855) 790-8169
Adress: 1600 Pearl Street - Suite 300, Boulder, CO 80302
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Is there THC in Charlotte's Web CBD gummies?

The products available at Charlotte's Web are processed from a hemp plant. As a result, they may contain not more than 0.3% THC. There are no psychoactive products in the assortment of the store. Thus, they are 100% safe and effective for adults.

Is Charlotte's Web CBD organic?

It is impossible to deny that Charlotte's Web is one of the most appreciated CBD distributors on the market that provide top-quality products grown in Colorado. Unfortunately, the company is not certified organic yet, it is currently doing its best to obtain one. However, all the options are non-GMO, and completely free of gluten.

Is Charlotte's Web CBD legit?

Charlotte's Web distributes hemp-based dietary supplements that are not medications. Therefore, the aim of the products is not to detect and treat any kind of diseases or medical conditions. As a result, they do not need to be FDA approved.

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