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SundayScaries Overview

Before we get to our Sunday Scaries gummies review, it's worth saying a couple of words about the company itself. Sunday Scaries is a well-recognized brand that mixes quality lab-tested CBD products with humor and a joyful attitude.

Company Overview

It uses Colorado-grown hemp as a basis for its products, conducting tests of the raw material to make sure there are no residual metals or pesticides. This makes for even higher-quality end products, which are infused with some vitamins and additional ingredients to provide some extra health-improving effects. All this makes Sunday Scaries CBD gummies unique and worth our attention.

Sunday Scaries proposal to buy

Products and Prices

Sunday Scaries is known for its original products that are not that common in the CBD industry. And while they have no topicals or vaping oil, for example, they focus on a smaller variety, yet make every product recognizable and interesting for customers.

Since this is a Sunday Scaries CBD gummies review, we will only briefly mention the other products. They are:

  • CBD oil
  • CBD candy labeled as Unicorn Jerky (similar to gummies but take longer to chew)
  • CBD energy shots with vitamins labeled as Yolo Shots
  • CBD bath bombs
Sunday Scaries's products

CBD gummies come in two options, regular gummies “for chilling” and vegan gummies. Whichever you choose, a single gummy contains 10mg of CBD, and there are 20 of them in a bottle.

When it comes to prices, there are several options that are cheaper than buying just one bottle. Those, of course, will be preferable to customers who have already tried Sunday Scaries CBD gummies and would like to get more (one time or regularly). So, for regular gummies, prices go as follows:

  • Monthly subscription - $31
  • 1 bottle - $39
  • 2 bottles - $70
  • 3 bottles - $99
Sunday Scaries CBD gummies sizes and prises

Vegan gummies that contain no gelatin or animal products come a bit more expensive:

  • Monthly subscription - $35
  • 1 bottle - $44
  • 2 bottles - $72
  • 3 bottles - $107
Sunday Scaries vegan CBD gummies sizes and prises

Popular Flavors

The only Sunday Scaries product that offers different flavor options is Yolo shots, all the other CBD products are available in one option only. There is also no choice for different potency options, so the only way you can adjust it is by increasing your dosage and the time between intakes.

Most Sunday Scaries gummy bears reviews, however, don't seem to mind that and enjoy these little CBD candies the way they are. After all, some people don't like the anxiety caused by the necessity to choose between various options, and I understand that at times. Sunday Scaries is a perfect solution for such cases, and that's why the company is able to successfully promote its modest product line.

Sunday Scaries CBD gummies with vitamins

Sunday Scaries gummies are sweet and only have a barely noticeable aftertaste, it's much less noticed than with CBD oil, so that's why many people go with that option. Vegan gummies are differently shaped, gumdrop instead of a bear, and their taste is more sour.

Sunday Scaries vegan CBD gummies with vitamins


As expected, there are some Sunday Scaries CBD gummies Reddit comments that blame the company for focusing more on branding and marketing than on the quality of its products. I cannot agree with such statements, as don't many other reviewers who like the company's individuality and have actually tried their products.

Sunday Scaries CBD gummies' ingredients

I cannot say anything about the effectiveness of those vitamins and extra ingredients, but it's not 100% guaranteed on the site. It's stated that they might have a positive effect, and if they do, all the better.

As for using Sunday Scaries gummies for anxiety, it definitely worked for me. Since I'm not new to CBD, I felt the chilling effect spread around my body in about 20 minutes after taking my first couple of gummies, and it lasted for 6 to 10 hours.


  • clear refund and shipping policy
  • GMO and THC-free
  • each gummy bear added benefits of vitamins B12 & D3
  • affordable pricing
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My Experience and Favorite Product

I'm not a vegan, yet I got both options to see whether they would both work for me, and in case I liked one's taste over the other. Both were fine, and I liked the regular gummies slightly more as they were sweeter. And if we consider that they are also cheaper, it's easy to see why other Sunday Scaries gummies reviews would give preference to that option as well.

To be honest, though, I really enjoyed CBD candy since it can also be classified as a gummy. After all, vegan gummies are not bear-shaped either, so why should we exclude these little rainbow-colored strips? And although they have the same potency as Sunday Scaries gummies with 10 mg of CBD per strip, they are a bit pricier with $19 for a pack of 10 candies.

There are also no money-saving options other than using a Sunday Scaries discount code. Luckily, I got one when I got on the website. Besides, a dollar from every pack is donated to The Trevor Project aimed at reducing suicide levels among LGBT youth.

Sunday Scaries CBD candy

Online Reputation

As I mentioned before, you will find many Sunday Scaries gummies Reddit reviews and comments praising this company, while others were as happy with their focus on selling products using humor and active marketing via social media.

Nevertheless, even those who were dissatisfied with the results after buying Sunday Scaries gummies for pain get a chance to receive a 100% refund without any additional questions, so it's difficult to hold a grudge against this CBD producer.

Lab Reports

The lab-testing results are easily accessible on the site and confirm the purity of Sunday Scaries products, so that is another thumbs up to them. Many companies don't offer this information or make it very difficult to obtain.

Sunday Scaries lab results certificate of analysis

Final Word

Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are a great product that is not even too expensive if you order a monthly subscription. At the same time, it offers a notable energy boost and leaves no trace of anxiety for a considerable amount of time.

The company is caring enough to offer an option for vegans, and a portion of profits from Unicorn Jerky goes to a good cause. Definitely try their gummies and CBD candy and get a refund if they don't work for you.


Grown: Colorado Farms
Lab tests: KND Labs, Green Scientific, CannaSafe & Infinite Chemical Labs
Shipping: Free shipping for all products
Refund policy: claim 100% refund
Contact: 619-892-7174
[email protected]
Adress: 1495 Pacific Hwy. Ste #375, San Diego CA 92101
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